Abletech Solutions

Object Recognition

Object Recognition (OR) Systems: Some examples of use cases that can be automated

Retail: Product Management e.g., shelve placement, stock replacement, etc

Manufacturing: detecting product defect & maintaining quality control in manufacturing processes

Healthcare: detecting diseases in medical imagery within healthcare e.g., tumor detection, dental imagery analysis, visual anomalies like skin disease, broken bone, etc

Transport: vehicle license plates detection

Wildlife: Animal detection for conservation or agricultural tasks such as herd counting, animal monitoring,

Agriculture: crop monitoring for diseases, growth quality, and production analysis

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Some examples of use cases that can be automated

Retail: customer service solutions with virtual agent and chatbots integrated with e-Commerce ecosystem

Marketing analytics: focused automated sentiment analysis of data collected on social media

Document Management: Text summarization is used for creating summaries and synopses of huge volumes of digital text. Popular use cases are creating indexing, research databases, or text summaries for busy readers